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Here you will find an updated list of all traffic exchange I use to drive massive traffic to my websites/affiliates/products

I have summed up the most relevant information* you need when in search of a new traffic exchange.

All links will be connected to me, and I offer to support you in any way I can. You can contact me at the bottom of the page.

*I only share information from a free user's perspective, most traffic exchanges offer account upgrades with better benefits of e.g credits/page surfed.

Top 3 automatic traffic exchanges

A great lightweight surf client that runs smoothly 24/7, an active website with constant updates. With a nice bounce rate and the easy to use dashboard this is in the top 3 of auto surfs.

With a fast-loading, easy-to-use website, this auto surf is a joy to work with. It is completely free to use, no upgrade packages available and it offers several advertising options.

Once you get used to the navigation you will find that this website offers great advertising choices for promoters. 

In addition, you can convert credits into money.

Top 3 manual traffic exchanges

World's largest traffic exchange community with whooping 1.6M+ members this website offers great advertising options and rewarding surf bonuses. All around valuable purchases.

An active website with enthusiastic developers, this site will teach how to promote your product or affiliate link. In addition to surf credits, you earn pool shares to a pot of bitcoins every day.

With an Alexa rank of 6000, this traffic exchange is at the top. Uses a ladder system that rewards the most active surfers. Putting effort into this traffic-exchange will result in great marketing.

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